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We are Devansoft Limited, a software development company that has specialised in Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino developments and support since 1996, producing effective client solutions in all versions of Lotus Domino since R3.

We have developed a huge array of bespoke systems for organisations as small as just 5 employees to those with over 50,000 employees. We have a wealth of experience in creating applications of all sizes from huge inter-linked application suites that tap into other database technologies using Lotus Enterprise Integrator, to small self contained workflow management tools that manage staff time and productivity.

Our main philosophy is that Information Technology should be a flexible tool to help a business achieve it's goal, not something that imposes restrictions or delays on business processes.

If you are part of a growing organisation and wish to centralise and streamline your information processing requirements then give us a call to find out how Devansoft Limited could set up and maintain an IBM Lotus Domino infrastructure to suit your needs. Our support contracts ensure that you have a product that will not age, but will evolve and remain "fit for purpose" as your business expands and changes to meet the demands of an ever changing marketplace.